Become an APDA Member

APDA Members get full access to all the aid, information, and benefits that the Association provides. Stay connected and informed with these major benefits:

  • National Contracts
  • Accreditation Guidance
  • Interaction with Industry Providers
  • Vigorous lobbying and advocacy at the federal level
  • Access to Immediate Industry Updates
  • Best Practices
  • Access to Associate Business Members
  • Annual Conferences
  • And More…

Active (Full) Member Qualification

Medicare certified providers whose qualifications are acceptable to the Executive and Membership Committee. Minimum acceptable requirements shall be applicants who are Medicare providers and are actively engaged in providing portable diagnostic services. Any individual or entity interested in furthering the purposes of the “Association” may be admitted as a Member is a company that meets the eligibility requirements. If a Member is not an individual, the Member must designate at least one (1) representative to act as the contact person. Each member is entitled to one vote and must be sponsored by an Active Member.

Membership Dues

Active Membership: $3000 per Year

*New Member Introductory Rate:  $1500 per first year

Available Payment Options:

  • Annual Payments: $3,000
  • Quarterly Payments: $750
  • Monthly Payments: $250

Application Fee: $400

This fee is credited towards your first payment upon approval.

Become an Associate Business Member

APDA Business Associates get full access to all members providing reliable connections throughout the industry. Stay prevalent and accessible with these major benefits:

  • Advertising options
  • Direct access to industry leaders (C-suite)
  • Listing of their company on website with logo and description of business
  • Reduced registration rates for conferences
  • Reduced exhibitor rates for conferences
  • Access to educational programming and webinars
  • Mailing lists
  • Event sponsorships
  • Email campaigns to members
  • Visibility to industry
  • And more…

Associate Business Members (Vendors) Qualifications

Associate Business Members shall be those persons who are not Medicare certified portable providers eligible for regular membership and in judgment of Membership Committee can contribute to the objectives of the “Association”. Associate Business Members shall have all the privileges extended by the “association” except those of making motions, voting and holding office. Associate Business Members may be excluded from certain executive and membership meetings.

Associate Business Member Pricing

Active Associate Business Member: $500 per Year

Available Payment Options:

  • Annual Payments: $500

Membership Qualifications

Each organization must supply an authorized signature of an officer of the company that acknowledges the qualifications listed below are true, and if the declaration is later determined to be false by a decision of the NAPXP Board that organization will be subject to immediate removal as a member of the “Association.”

  1. Not engaged in any fraudulent of abusive activities or other improprieties involving government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and others.
  2. Not ordered by any government entity excluding me or my company from participation in Medicare, Medicaid or any other Federal program my company is subject to an order by any government entity excluding me or my company from participation in Medicare, Medicaid or any other Federal program.
  3. The organization has been adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction in a civil or criminal proceeding to be guilty of any wrongdoing involving fraud or abuse in connection with any such federal program.
  4. Has not entered a plea of guilty or no contendere to any charge of fraud or abuse involving such federal programs.
  5. Has not entered into settlement agreement to dispose any charge of fraud or abuse in connection with such federal programs.
  6. To the best of knowledge of the organization neither the Owner(s) and Executive staff nor any other principal of the organization is the subject of an investigation by any state or federal authority in connection with current or potential charges of fraud or abuse in connection with such federal programs.

Become an APDA Member to Get Answers to Your Common Questions

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  • Does the referring physician need to be in PECOS in order to bill?
  • Why am I unable to bill for certain CPT codes under my IDTF?
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  • When is it proper to issue an ABN to a patient?
  • Why are there so many denials on my EOB’s, how can i lessen that?
  • When is my revalidation due?
  • How do I respond to an unfavorable redetermination or reconsideration under medicare?
  • What are my rights to request an ALJ hearing?
  • What can I expect during an ALJ Hearing?
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